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This is an extended 1.5 hour session in which we'll dive into a practical application of user stories, use cases and requirements catalogues. We'll provide the templates, the case study - and you just need to show up, work in collaborative teams and discover new ways to elevate your requirements.
Get Involved In A Practical Application of User Stories to Requirement Catalogues and Use Cases
Join us this Friday for an intensive 90-minute session that dives into the practical aspects of converting user stories into formal requirement catalogues, use case models, and detailed use case descriptions. Utilising a comprehensive case study, delegates will select a user story from the provided backlog and apply it using the templates provided.
Session Details:
Objective: To enhance delegates' skills in translating user stories into structured requirements and use cases, reinforcing their understanding of these crucial business analysis tools.

  • Select a User Story: Each group will choose a user story from the backlog that best suits their interests or expertise.
  • Create Requirement Catalogue Entry: Transform the user story into a formal requirement catalogue entry that clearly defines what needs to be developed.
  • Develop Use Case Model: Construct a use case model that visually represents the interaction between users and the system as described in the user story.
  • Write Use Case Description: Detail the steps, variations, and conditions of the use case, providing a comprehensive description that can guide development.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning:
Group Work: Delegates will work in groups to foster collaboration and leverage diverse perspectives.
Presentation Opportunity: Each group will have the chance to present their work, offering insights into their approach and receiving feedback from peers and facilitators.
  • Delegates will gain hands-on experience with creating precise documentation from user stories, improving their ability to craft clear and actionable requirements.
  • The session will also enhance understanding of how to effectively use templates and tools for requirement and use case documentation.
  • This workshop is perfect for business analysts looking to refine their practical skills in business analysis documentation and application. We look forward to seeing you there for a session of learning, application, and collaboration!
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James Compton
Director Professional Development

Meet the team:

Imtiaz Kaderbhoy

Speaker and BA Trainer

Matt Sutherland-Patman

Head of BA Community of Practice, Cabinet Office

Pip Hall

Speaker and Strategic Lead, Telent