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Why Mentorship?

The benefits of career mentoring in the workplace are proven for both mentor and mentee.

IIBA UK’s professionally is built by BAs, for BAs - providing a structured mentoring programme supports you in developing both yourself and your career.

The IIBA UK scheme is specifically designed for our profession, aligned to the BA capabilities and helps you develop in your role.  This 9-month programme will run from April to Dec 2024 and will be delivered by the professional team: 

  • James Compton, IIBA UK Professional Development Director 
  • Janice McNamara, Professional Mentor & Coach 

Who is the Programme designed for? 

All Business Analysts resident in the UK

  • Who want to develop their career and themselves 


  • who feels they are “in a rut” and would benefit from pairing with a peer from a different organisation or industry 
  • starting in the field to senior BAs 
  • looking to invest in their own growth and that of others 

A call for Mentors

We are encouraging more mentors to come forward. You can be a mentor, even if you haven't tried it before. You just need at least 7 years BA experience and a desire to help others.

We always have more mentees come forward than mentors - so we want to expand our mentor capacity to meet the demand!

We will provide you all the support materials to step into your role as a mentor (and if you're wondering what it will be like, join our free Mentorship Training Webinar) - but we will be breaking down the mentorship process, helping you hone the skills to be a world-class mentor, and provide a platform for all the resources at your fingertips.

What’s in it for me (as a mentor)?

  • A professionally developed, structured mentoring programme to follow with your mentee

  • Training in the mentoring process 

  • 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with a fellow BA 
  • Support sessions to discuss how things are going with other mentors and our professional coach and mentor 
  • Regular newsletters to support your capability development 
  • The chance to learn through discussion and sharing 
  • The opportunity to enhance leadership skills 
  • Development of facilitation and listening skills 
  • Personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others 
  • CDU opportunity, where related to BABOK 

What’s in it for me (as a mentee)?

  • A professionally developed, structured mentoring programme to follow with your mentor 
  • 1-to-1 mentoring sessions with a fellow practitioner 
  • Impartial support and sharing the learnings of an experienced BA 
  • Support sessions to discuss how things are going with other mentees and our professional coach and mentor 
  • Professional development and help with problem-solving 
  • Regular newsletters to support your capability development 
  • CDU opportunity, where related to BABOK 

What's the timeline?

  • End Jan: Registration open for applicants to complete the registration questions and pay the deposit
  • Mid Mar: Registration closes
  • Early Apr: IIBA UK team match mentoring partners and inform registrants they are on the scheme (Some people may be on the waiting list until everyone pays the balance).
    • Registrants book onto kick-off session and pay the balance to confirm their place on the scheme
  • Mid Apr: On-line kick-off mentoring session. You should make sure that you can attend this session.

How is it structured? 

  • Mentors and mentees are matched by the programme team 
  • All support and training meetings are held online 
  • The programme runs for 9 months 
  • The kick-off meeting will be on Monday 15th April
  • You arrange your own mentor/ mentee meetings at a mutually convenient time 

If accepted onto the scheme you agree to

  • Meeting with your mentoring partner on a regular basis
  • Following the mentoring programme framework shared with you by IIBA UK
  • Completing the full 9 months of the programme

What does it cost?  

  • £59

The deposit, when you register your interest, is only £9.

We ask you to pay the balance when you are accepted onto the scheme.

What does 'accepted onto the scheme' mean?

We aim to accept as many people onto the scheme as possible. Until registrations close we don't know the distribution of people wanting to be mentees and mentors and if we can match everyone with a partner.

This means that, occasionally, we are unable to accept people onto the scheme. In this situation, we refund your deposit.

Terms & Conditions

  • We refund your deposit or final payment only if the scheme is cancelled or you are not successfully registered.
  • This is a peer mentoring scheme and both mentors and mentees are from the UK BA community and apply to be on the scheme
    • No guarantee can be made on the skills or experience of your mentor/mentee, matching is performed based on a completed set of registration questions.
    • If a mentor or mentee drops out, then the IIBA UK mentoring team will make reasonable endeavours to find another partner. However there may not be anyone available.
  • CDU credits are available if the mentoring topic is BABOK related.
  • Both the Mentor and Mentee are ultimately responsible for the commitment needed to achieve successful mentoring.
  • Participants in the scheme must be living in the UK